The Whiskey is looking for enthusiastic and experienced Kitchen Rockstars! If you love gourmet burgers & southern cuisine and can execute your talents with passion and attention to detail… We want you!

Submit your application:

The Whiskey is looking for enthusiastic experienced cooks! We are looking for staff members to execute gourmet burgers and southern cuisine with care and a strong emphasis on presentation and time management. Cooks will be responsible and work a variety of stations including: Prep, Dish, Sauté, Fry, Grill, Expediting, stocking, cleaning, etc.

Experience Wanted:

  • Understanding of proper meat cooking temperatures (Rare, Med Rare, Med, Med Well, Well)
  • Time Management
  • MUST be on time to every shift
  • Full Time availability
  • Must be able to work Morning, Nights, Weekends and Holidays.
  • Must complete Culinary test upon interview
  • Enthusiastic cooks looking for advancement opportunities.
  • Willing to work Off-Site Events

Interviews are done on First Come First Interviewed basis. The sooner, the better.

The Kitchen Is Hiring: Cooks Wanted!